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As I stated elsewhere, I was not prepared or encourage other patriots and partisans to engage in any Anti - English Crown Estates Windmilling of this area unless Gwladgarwyr Sir Gar made a commitment to participate and make a call for others from else where in Wales to join them. After all it is on their patch and should be on their watch but then most Plaid Cymru members out west are unconcerned and tow the Party line to be content and collaborate with the Windmill Masters in the desecration of our heritage in the landscape and beauty of our countryside. If this is the case and it looks very likely that the West does not wake, then I suggest you go about your own Bank Holiday plans or if you wish go ahead with an easy going Glyndwr Ramble in this area and see it before it becomes a metal strewn Industrial Estate thanks to WAG, Sir Gar Council and Brit Collaborationist Unionist Parties which includes Plaid Cymru. See other Information on this venture and the politics associated and Map below:

Aiming For Trig 

At 5 Mynydd y Llanfihangl Rhos-y-Corn.

Make Sure You Prepare well and are organised, obtain and study 
O.S. Maps.


Sunday, 11 March 2012


Film: Trech Gwlad Nag Arglwydd.

''Lets Have a Peasants Revolt''

Part 1:

Part 2:

I was lucky as a kid, to have a small mountain where we lived, great for sliding down sitting on tin sheets or even cardboard. This mountain overlooked our village and was along with the Woods and unused quarries were for children of a certain age 'our world'. These were the days when kids would wander off for the day without any great worries on minds of parents, standard warning was 'Don't take sweets from strangers' but that was it! Of course the Child Killers Brady and Hindly would finnish childhood freedoms for future young generations a great deal as much as 'tech' now keeps them close to home playing video games or on facebook. The big adventure however, was to go on an expedition to St Mary Hill, I remember most about this was returning home and seeing to the West a most fantastic Sunset, if I close my eyes even now I can see it. 

GENUKI: St Mary Hill
Ruthin Chapel, St Mary Hill, Bridgend, records "Ruthin Chapel, originally built as a schoolroom for Salem Chapel, Pencoed, was opened in ...

Amazing what one can remember of the possibly best years of growing up, looking for Lizards, birds nests and fishing for 'Stiklebacks' with Jam Jars. Back in the Day (you here this expression all the time in South London these days) we were real 'Hunter Gatherers', not just Blackberry Pickers but my Dad and his Brother would take us off on bikes or in an old van looking for Mushrooms and Crab Hunting and Mussel gathering down on the Gower. Amazing stuff but I am wandering away now, but before I leave the past I must also record a memory of the days not only family but our whole street would go off to collect Wimberries in the mountains. I mention this, wondering if such still goes on because often when I am out and about rambling on flat land as well as hill walking one is most likly to see dedicated outdoor enthusiasts or 'Grey Hairs' as myself. Very rarely familes or young people, both are usually found rambling around Shopping Malls or Retail Therapy parks. The fact that I would take my children on long walks, often having to piggy back one back home with sore feet as not put them off taking their children out into our wonderfull Welsh Countryside walking and mountaineering which perhaps we do not really appreciate enough. Not least the history associated with this landscape.

Geography of Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wales (Welsh: Cymru) is a generally mountainous country on the western side of central southern Great Britain, between the Irish Sea to the north and the Bristol ...

The Highest Mountains in Wales
180+ items – The complete list of the highest mountains in Wales with links to ...
NoMountainLocationHeight (feet)
2Crib y Ddysgl (Garnedd Ugain)Snowdon3494
3Carnedd LlewelynCarneddau3491

Location map of Welsh mountains (Nuttalls)
Location map of Welsh mountains (Nuttalls). Hover/focus the markers to see the item details. Click to find images. Bigger mountains have bigger markers.

Welsh Mountains
THE METRIC MOUNTAINS OF WALES. What are Metric Mountains? MetricMountains List - 600m summits with 25m ascent · Metric Mountains Notes ...

The 138 Welsh Mountains on a Google Map
If you LOG ON and then RELOAD this page it will display which Welsh Mountains you have already climbed, bagged & conquered - and which ones you have ...

Then came the teenage years and such childhood adventures give way, in those far off days to work, Cafes, Coffee and Juke boxes, dance halls and Pubs. Then along come Girls who like you by then have little interest in mountains, spoil everything don't they? Why is it girls are always on mobile phones, if your courting today I guess you would have to text  her 'Can I have a kiss' even though your girl friend might be sitting next to you. Stop Gethin, the 'Old Grumbly' is taking over, anyway it was my short FWA period which got me seriously interested in mountains again, do not think it was just the 'Abergwesyn Adventure' that was the only Mountain Military exercise we undertook, for me then that lasted untill I had enough of getting caught in too many downfalls of rain and having to rough it through the night in a rocky shelter, wood or isolated barn. I then though, no being an 'Urban Guerrilla' got to be better, hopping on and off buses with plenty of pubs and fish and chips around. But before I could put that into practise, I was banged up in Swansea and Cardiff Jails as an FWA 'Desperado' though really for being a Patriotic Front Activist against the Investiture. Today, I am more of Y Gwerin Owain:

Following they the 'Barefoot Welsh Doggis'- Glyndwr's Peasant Army who the Wars end with their families became 'Y Gwerin Owain'. To Post ...

The years have passed quickly by and it's only now a Grey Hair with Diabetes, I have time and been motivated to do a lot more walking but it's been the Anti - Windmilling of Wales Campaign that has really got me into the mountains. 
Now, Military Manuals are a thing of the past and my most looked at Information and Instructions are to to with Rambling and High Hill Trekking and meandering our mountains with a great Patriotic Purpose. Please note, you got to take it serious, it is no walk in the park so take aboard the need for studying up on such and not least getting prepared, that includes the best out door clothing and camping equipment etc, See above and below:

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So, take this advice aboard not least for any expedition you make to Mynydd y Betws over Easter but if not there why not this Easter make a start at being a Glyndwr Rambler on a Mountain closer to home. If a family take the easy slopes first as much can be trecherous, so take care of the kids but do not deny them the opportunity to see and learn much more of a 'Welsh World' we often miss out on. 
Not least become aware of the Landscape History:

  1. Historic Landscapes, Parks and Gardens - Cadw - Welsh Assembly ...;...en
    The landscape of Wales is a vital resource for social, economic and environmental wellbeing. It is also historic – shaped by human activity and rich in evidence ...

  2. Submerged landscapes - Cadw - Welsh Assembly Government;...
    Submerged landscapes. Climate change and global warming are current issues, but other humans – our earliest ancestors – have also had to witness dramatic ...
Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
 The Royal Commission investigates the historic environment ofWales and keeps the national archive. The Royal Commission was established ...

Home, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments ...
Home. The Royal Commission is the investigating body and national archive for thehistoric environment of Wales. It has the lead role in ensuring that Wales' ...

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More Rambler Info:

Croeso i'r Cerddwyr / Welcome to Ramblers Cymru | Wales ...
Ramblers Cymru is the representative body for walkers in Wales and its overall aim is to encourage walking and public understanding of the outdoors.


Ramblers' Association (Wales) Response to TAN 8 and MIPPS
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The Ramblers' Association (Wales), RA (Wales) maintains that these objectives would be seriously undermined by the proposals in TAN 8 and MIPPS.

Lets Go Out On a Song or two:

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