Thursday, 25 August 2011


Lets Go Fourth Glyndwr's Bravehearts!

Pic: Looking North To Cader Idris in foreground the CAT Windmill.

Pic: Looking East at Ffirdd Esgair y Llyn and Ffirdd Rhosygarreg.

Pic: Sian Ifan of Embassy Glyndwr steps out as if for a stroll but soon we find the path on the map has all been made impassible by erosion and collapses caused by water coming of the mountain in streams possibly mini - waterfalls in a good rain storm. See three photos below.

Pics above and one below clearly shows how the path, you can just make out the path but clearly see where erodion as cut into it. A pity as this path would have taken us in a more direct route to Siamber Trawsfynydd aka Siambr Glyndwr and Esgair y Ffordd, but not to be and never will be along this pathway so forget it and be thankful we did this path pioneering.


We take a diversion down hill and on way down find Wimberries aka Bilberries, stop for a while and become as 'Hunter Gatherers', eating fruits as wayfaring to supply natual sugars which provides energy to keep going. Safer to eat the meat hunted and killed in a cave protected from 'Wild Sheep and the 'Balchder Bunch' always on the pinch, ideas in main but who knows they could just as easy be 'Bilberry Boyos'. So passed sometime stuffing ourselves on the fruits of the wild and reminding each other of childhood when our communities were going off to pick Wimberries on the mountainsides in days before Super Markets and frozen convienience foods.

Bilberry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search ... whinberry,winberry, windberry, wimberry, myrtle blueberry and fraughan. ...

Pic: Mountain below we have just come down from is Mawnog, just look at all the heather but be fooled not it also gets quite boggy.

Here Sian is having a think how the hell did I manage to get down that mountain, or perhaps was this a good idea? 

Whatever, for a girl who was never in the Girl Guides, Yr Urdd or FWA she's doing very well. In fact I was in the FWA but fell asleep during the boring orienteering stuff, I was only in it for the booze and babes Cayo and Coslett said nothing about manouvres when I was signed up for the duration of the struggle. Come to it, he never said any thing about going to jail either or if he did I must have thought he meant in a game of monopoly.


In fact Sian is doing better than me? at this point I'me on my back and can just about lift my camera to take the photo above.

We perk up when we find our very own Gwerin Owain Covenant Stone.

Pics: Above and below at last Cwm y Cwarchae

Cwm y Cwarchae/Valley of the Siege Made it!

In the distance Tarren Bwlch-gwyn.

Cross the Ford and your home ward wayfaring bound.

Pass quickly by the three 'Sentinels', so folklore speaks the three sentries who failed to warn of the approach of the Flemish, they were later turned into trees by Crach y Ffiniant and cursed to guard Cwm y Cwarchae unto eternity. I made that up good though, think I will do a Gothic horror story based on this for my Tan y Bont blog - This is the commercial:

TAN y BONT - Cached
17 Aug 2011 – TAN y BONT. A Journal of a Gothic Cymru and Beyond. ..... HOW TO GETGOTHIC FAST! Fiction, Fusion and Fashio... LETS GO CYMRIC CELTIC GOTHIC ...

However, I am not making it up when I tell you that the ruin below is haunted by one of Glyndwr's Soldiers, a local farmer told me this story I swear! Dare any of you camp the night there?

Pics: Below: Nature Photography.

                                      Above is I think a Rowan Tree? 

Rowan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached
The rowans or mountain-ashes are shrubs or small trees in genus Sorbus of family ... red" and which referred to the red foliage and red berries in the autumn. ... The fruit is a small pome 4–8 mm diameter, bright orange or red in most ...

Above a Crows nest and below our dinner, so back to the cave.

Problem is the 'Hunter' is knackered, so while I drum up the strength to climb over the fourth gate and I have lost count of the barb wire topped fences. The 'Gatherer' Sian takes the photo whilst 'giggling' like a silly school girl not the dignified Embassy Glyndwr Ambassadress she's is! Remember, I have had to haul a Ruck Sack with Shield and Wayfaring supplies, so I am weighed down plus feeling my age, oh my knee caps!

My thoughts at this moment, are about deserting the Gwerin Owain Red Stags and begging Adam Phillips to be let into Balchder Cymru so I can attend their 'Camp Cosy' in Corris to which they no doubt will escape to again next year. Not such a bad idea really, the alternative will be Camp Glyndwr and the Glyndwr Hyddgen Challenge 2012 (see next post). Ye gods why do I think up this stuff who the hell wants to be a 'Gwerin Owain Red Stag' or 'Hind' anyway? For final easier and safer Pioneered Pobl Glyndwr Wayfaring Trail to Cwm y Cwarchae see following blogs:

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