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A CASUAL RAMBLE INTO THE PAST TO MADOG'S REVOLT 1294 AND THE CAPTURE OF MORLAIS CASTLE BY MORGAN AP MAREDUDD OF GWYNLLWG also Info on Other Rambles, all of which is keeping me fit and must be undoing the diabetes some? Plus holding off an Heart Attack I hope!

5 days ago – Following they the 'Barefoot Welsh Doggis'- Glyndwr's Peasant Army who the Wars end with their families became 'Y Gwerin Owain'. To Post ..


ADFYWIAD GOCH CYMRU - Block all results
13 Sep 2011 – ADFYWIAD GOCH CYMRU. Red Resurgence Cymru advocates and promotes Socialist Agit - Prop Action: Campaigns and Struggles in Wales ...

LLAIS GLYWYSING - Voice of the South - Soul of Silurian Sepratism!.
22 Jul 2011 – LLAIS GLYWYSING - Voice of the South - Soul of Silurian Sepratism!. HOME RULE for HWNTWS - Seeking Devolution of Power to 'Undeb Gwledydd'of ...

Useing the Baner Llywelyn III because I guess this is the flag Madog would have been using, though note the Castle was actually captured  by Morgan ap Maredudd of Gwynllwg, Glywysing also be mindfull that this was a National Revolt with Powys and Deheubarth participating in a unique unity not shown in 1282 or previous. Thus making it an ideal historic event for 'regional' national  commemorations at Castles captured during the revolt.

As  these Castles are associated with a rising spirit of Welsh Resistance post conquest 1282 - 3 - 4, then I see no reason not to be useing the White Eagle Cross Flag symbolic  of Welsh Resistance and thus I did > 

After all where does moderation get us, no where but waving White Eagle Cross Flags about does not either unless backed up by radical nationalist Action. Not just banging drums and parading about as at the annual 'Firm Do' aka 'Old Comrades' Pre - Xmas  piss  up and pretense of being  involved in a National Liberation Struggle that's  no more than 'Knee Jerk' Patriotic Posturing more and more as 'Tartan Taffs' in some musical, sad! 

Whatever, just look at the view North to the Brecon Beacon Mountains beyond which is Cilmeri where these days 'Walking Wet Eagles' gather rather than flying White Eagles aka  'Welsh Warriors'. So in December, I will be at Prysgduon seeking communication  with 'Ysbryd Llywelyn' to learn more  about the traitors who deserted him in his final hours much  like those who desert the struggle in the finl hours of  Cymru/Wales in our times. As for Patriotic Gathering in association with capture of Morlais Castle, bit dangerous  in grounds of the Castle and no doubt the Golf Course will not look kindly at a crowd crossing the course. I suggest keep Castle for visting by small groups in the summer and for greater gthering in Autum possibly at:

  • Pant Cad Ifor Public House:: OS grid SO0609 :: Geograph Britain ...
    18 May 2008 – Situated just south of the Brecon Mountain Railway. This photo was taken from a bus during the Merthyr Tydfil Vintage Bus running day.

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      Get directions to local business, The Pant Cad Ifor Inn, CF48 2DD. Pub Restaurants in Merthyr Tydfil on Use Yell's Route Planner to get driving 

    2. As you will see entirely appropriate for an 'Hwntw' gathering:

    3. Pantyscallog (Pant) - Old Merthyr Tydfil - Block all results
      The Garth Farm behind the Pant Cad Ifor Inn was known in early maps as Madoc's Castle. All the farms here, Caeracca, Pantyscallog, Rhyd-y-Bedd, Hafod yr ...

      Close by, an 1831 Insurrection connection:

      Twynywaun - Block all results
      Twyn y Waun WAUN FAIR ( Ffair y Waun or Marchad y Waun). The above photograph of the “Waun Fair” in its heyday is reproduced by courtesy of the following ...

      RED REMEMBRANCER: Insurrection 1831: Annual Commemoration? -Block all results
      3 May 2007 – This ''1831 Commemorative Installation'' represents the Red Flag carried.... The Reformist Road to Twyn y Waun 30 May 1831, or the Radical ...


      Still Going Left  on a Mountain:

      30 Sep 2011 – BBC - Mid Wales Owain Glyndwr - Hyddgen Walk. ... GWERIN OWAIN - OWAIN'S FOLK....

      Going Left in a Town:

      30 Sep 2011 – PITCHFORK and PIKE. An Alternative To Cofiwn's Focus on Medieval Welsh History, this blog is in area of an HANES CYMRU GOCH - A RED 

      What next before Winter sets in?