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As best as possible I hope to have placed out this post with photos and links that describe area in relation to post purpose, any information given is given with the advice that you check all out yourselves on maps and relevant websites. Do in particular note that often the landscape changes, path ways become bueried by ferns and are eroded, not least the chopping down of trees can be confusing to say the least. Not least plan and prepare well and do not leave anything to chance, do inform people where you are going and how long you think you will be away plus keep in mind mobile phones do not always work high up in the mountains. See this blog below, excellent for views and advice, pay attention OK!

Pumlumon North 3-day backpack - v-g Backpacking in Britain - Cached
10 Aug 2009 – v-g Backpacking in Britain Blog. Backpacking and wild camping in Britain... in the north of the Pumlumon region as a framework for a route. ..

All Glyndwr Rambling - Wayfaring Wales - Cenedl Glyndwr Trails- If possible would be marked out with a 'Tarian Glyndwr' but as that is not practical in reality, I have to take one along with me and place about. Then take photographs from time to time at locations as I go, to remind me of key places along trails in time I will maybe produce leaflets or blog posts marking out with maps these trails key locations with said shield. That's the idea anyway, getting around to it is another matter but get the gist of it all? Not least also keep in mind that Glyndwr's Ramblers is not just patriotic but also may be seen as political or as having purpose of all part of Social Justice popular protest campaigning as in case here. Your journey along this Glyndwr Ramblers Wayfaring Cenedl Glyndwr Trail concludes with you looking into the mountains that mark the northern boundaries of the land being grabbed for the Nant y Moch Windmill Plantation. The greatest threat to these mountains since the Flemish sought to attack Glyndwr in these our 'Sacred Hills' of Mynyddoedd Pumlumon which Embassy Glyndwr is campaigning against via it's Tarian Glyndwr blog, in this connection also see Brwydrau Glyndwr blog:

7 Aug 2011 – Mudiad Tarian Glyndŵr campaigns against oppression of our people and expropriation of our land and its natuural resources. ...

11 Aug 2011 – BRWYDRAU GLYNDWR. Material associated with the Military History of the Last Great War of Welsh Independence 1400 - 1416 - 1422. ...

  1. - Cached
    6 Aug 2011 – GALWAD GLYNDŴR. This blog is meant to unite all that believe in the just cause of Owain Glyndŵr, Owain IV, our past, present and future ...

So ready? lets wayfare with Glyndwr Ramblers first if this is to be a week long venture into 'Wilderness Wales' than a place needs to be found for a 'Camp Glyndwr' or other places to stay. There is marked on the map a caravan site near Mynachdy, more so closer to and under Coed Behan and Coed Rhiwgam but I can find no further details on the web of this site? I suggest Pobl Glyndwr start to search out such themselves also other possible close by accomodation in this locality and over toward Talbontdrain or back as far as Forge and Machynlleth if needs be? Of course noting that one need not become involved for the whole week as it is being more organised not as a national event but more a venture in which individuals, groups or families may participate in as and when it please them to take their Baner Glyndwr into our 'Sacred Hills'. Note that the Glyndwr Trail comes directly into this area between Tyddyn y Plas and Talbotdrain.

Home - Glyndŵrs Way - National Trails - Cached
Glyndŵr's Way was granted National Trail status in millennium year 2000. Its enigmatic name derives from the early fifteenth century folk hero Owain Glyndŵr ...

There are two ways to take to reach area desired as central to the whole venture as via Mynachdy to Cwmbyr and Hengwm-Cyfeiliog within the Fountain Private Forest to the area described in this post at Bont Glyndwr.

  1. Cwmbyr - Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust - Cached
    Cwmbyr lies in the community of Cadfarch in the county of Powys. It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SN78639475. ...

    Cwmbyr Lead Mine - Cached
    Moore Books! paypal us a few quid! Cwmbyr Lead Mine SN786947. Sorry, this mine has no content available yet. Miles Explorer is 2283 Days Old.
  2. Cwmbyr Lead Mine Information and - Cached
    7 Apr 2008 – Cwmbyr Lead Mine Information and Photographs. ...

Forestry track near Hengwm-cyfeiliog:: OS grid SN7795 :: Geograph ... - Cached
18 Dec 2006 – Forms part of a considerable network of forestry tracks in the area. You could easily get lost here if you wished!

The last farm in the valley The isolated farmhouse of Hengwm ... - Cached
13 Mar 2011 – Forestry track near Hengwm-cyfeiliog Forms part of a ...

  1. The northern Afon Hengwm:: OS grid SN7892 :: Geograph Britain and - Cached
    5 Mar 2009 – Rather confusingly, two rivers of the same name are only 3km separated in the Hyddgen area .

  2. The other Cwm Hengwm:: OS grid SN7892 :: Geograph Britain and ...

    Rather confusingly there are two rivers called Afon Hengwm only a few ...

Bridge accross one of the tributary rivers in this area.

Three Pics of an older ford over same river, no sign of a 'Washer at the Ford' but I threw in a silver coin just in case.

Something about rivers that run slow and not so deep.

Really Hot day took my shoes off and walked through the river via the ford, great!


Three Pics of Bridge Named By Embassy Glyndwr as Bont Glyndwr.

No Hen Wrach under the Bridge either but at night might be another matter?

Will Yopu Be Ready to cross Bont Glyndwr in June 2012?

Across Bont Glyndwr Towards Gwlad Hyddgen

First time in an age seen Red Admiral Butterflies here, three in all.


Cross the Stepping Stones above or Footbridge below.

Into Glwlad Hyddgen in direction of Moel Hyddgen/Pen Y Darren. - Cached

3 Mar 2011 – bing Map of Moel Hyddgen [Pen y Darren], a hill/mountain in Wales : Aberystwyth to Welshpool - Central Wales - Pumlumon - Saturday Walkers ...

Moel Hyddgen (Pen y Darren) - Wicipedia

 - [ Translate this page ] - Cached
Moel Hyddgen (Pen y Darren) (Pumlumon). South from Pen y Darren - - 668237.jpg. Cyfieithiad, Yr olygfa o'r copa i gyfeiriad y de a Chwm ..

Moel Hyddgen
Moel Hyddgen appears on the OS Landranger 135 Moel Hyddgen appears on OS Landranger 135 ... Foel Fras - 1697 metres away; Pen Creigiau'r Llan - 1941 metres away... Tarren Bwlch-gwyn [Siambr Trawsfynydd] - 3701 metres away ...

Before Foot Bridge there is this gate, through here and straight on in direction of  Bwlch Hyddgen and Greigiau Bwlch-Hyddgen.

Map of Creigiau Bwlch-Hyddgen, Powys - Cached provides on-line street level maps for the whole of the UK.

Bwlch Hyddgen:: OS grid SN7693 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland ... - Cached
26 Jan 2008 – Bwlch Hyddgen. 4 km from Pant-Glas, Powys, Great Britain. Bwlch Hyddgen. Soggy moorland at the edge of the plateau ...

Back down the valley Looking north from the top of Bwlch Hyddgen ... - Cached
24 Feb 2011 – Steep slopes The northern end of Creigiau Bwlch Hyddgen fall steeply into the Hengwm valley, with its spectacular waterfall in the middle ...

At some point prior to above or later passed Bwlch Hyddgen you need to get on a footpath or Bridleway that will take you through the Forests and on to the Esgair y  Ffordd track that will take you to the Cairn 1401 and Siambr Trawsfynydd aka Siambr Glyndwr.

Esgair y Ffordd forest Esgair y Ffordd is run by a private company ... - Cached
1 Mar 2011 – The northern Afon Hengwm Rather confusingly, two rivers of ...

Also see following blog:

11 Aug 2011 – BRWYDRAU GLYNDWR. Material associated with the Military History of the Last Great War of Welsh Independence 1400 - 1416 - 1422. ...

Have a good time and then cross back over Bont Glyndwr and return home glad you went on this great Glyndwr Venture in June 2012 and why not make it an annual event? Before post comes to an end take a look at the below for a possible Bwlch Hyddgen or Moel Hyddgen Glyndwr Challenge 2012 and annually there after? 

Bwlch Hyddgen or Moel Hyddgen Glyndwr Challenge 2012

Bothmountains are close or within the Northern Boundaries of the Nant y Moch Windmill Plantation land grab area. So who amongst you will take Baneri Glyndwr to the tops of these Mountains as a protest against this Windmilling desecration of our 'Sacred Hills', anyone up for it? Maybe, a number of Anti - Windmill Groups throughout Wales could challenge each other in a friendly competition, could also be a way by which each group could get sponsors to make it a fund raising events to fund their local campaigning. This too could be an annual event starting off from area of a 'Camp Glyndwr' close to Bont Glyndwr or close by? I shall look into this and even think of an award for winners, really we need an organising committee with Pobl Glyndwr who have been involved in this sort of activity. Anyone out there who could help, even if it's just with further ideas or advice in this connection

  1. OS Map of Moel Hyddgen [Pen y Darren] - Saturday Walkers Club - Cached
    3 Mar 2011 – bing Map of Moel Hyddgen [Pen y Darren], a hill/mountain in Wales : Aberystwyth to Welshpool - Central Wales - Pumlumon - Saturday Walkers ...

  2. Moel Hyddgen (Pen y Darren) (#3456) Hill Details + GPS Waypoint - Cached
    Download or bag Moel Hyddgen (Pen y Darren) (#3456) Hill Details + GPS Waypoints: GPS POI File + OS Grid Reference in Memory Map .GPX, GPSU, Aquet .

  3. Moel Hyddgen
    Moel Hyddgen is 529 metres high (1736 ft). Feature at the peak of Moel Hyddgen: ...Moel Hyddgen appears on the OS Landranger 135 Moel Hyddgen appears on OS ..

  4. Moel Hyddgen [Pen y Darren] - Cached
    Name: Moel Hyddgen [Pen y Darren]. Hill number: 3456. Height: 529m / 1736ft. Area: 31A: Aberystwyth to Welshpool. Class: 5,Hu= Grid ref: SN 76430 94290 (e) ...

    Walkmate | Clwydian Hills guide - Moel Hyddgen [Pen y Darren] - Cached
    Moel Hyddgen [Pen y Darren] (Clwydian Hills). Elevation: 1736 ft. Prominence: 0 ft. OS Explorer Map: OS Grid Reference: ...

    Other Useful Information: It will not be as big as the below or so hard, I am talking of walking not running. However, keep an eye on below will be of use in organising above am sure.

    The Pumlumon Challenge 2011/2012 | › ... › Europe › UK - Cached
    2012/2011 Ultramarathon Calendars arrow ... The Pumlumon Challenge UK ( Wales ) | 27 miles | Trail | Single Stage | October | Approx. Runners: 40 ...

    Pumlumon Challenge estivals Events Cardigan Bay August 25, 2011 ... - Cached
    Pumlumon Challenge. A tough test for walkers and fell ...


    Nant y Moch wind farm proposal - Cached
    6 Mar 2011 – Cambrian Mountains Society - information on the Nant y Moch wind farm proposal.

    1. [PDF] 

      Uplands Initiative Plynlimon (North West) Archaeological Survey ...
      File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
      bobl Oes yr Efydd yn defnyddio cymoedd fel Camddwr, Hyddgen a Hengwm i .... This field project and related desktop research was undertaken by Trysor ... In 2002, CPAT carried out a survey of the Bronze Age monuments as part of the Cadw ...
    2. [PDF] 

      Uplands Initiative Plynlimon Glaslyn (S) Archaeological Survey ...
      File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
      tir uchel y ddwy ochr i ddyffryn Hengwm. Ar ben hynny, ceir tystiolaeth ...

      Following they the 'Barefoot Welsh Doggis'- Glyndwr's Peasant Army who the Wars end with their families became 'Y Gwerin Owain'. ...